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Laser and Ink Cartridge

Since January 2000 Johan Cillié, owner of Laser and Ink, has been offering a printer cartridge refilling service.
As the years went by the cartridge business grew and got rewarded with thousands of happy loyal customers.
We offer new original, generic and refilled cartridges and also have a limited amount of printers for sale.
Our well trained staff will assist you in all your printing needs and help you save a little more on printing consumables.

Accordion FAQ

Even the manufacturers of printers refill there cartridges and call it remanufactured cartridges. If it did not work we will not be doing it since 1999 and still be in business. In some cases new cartridges from China are so well priced that we will rather sell you one of those.

In the case of inkjet cartridges the quality start to deteriorate from day one. We do refurbish them by flushing and vacuum filling it to the best quality possible. If we are not happy with the quality the customer does not pay and cartridge gets scrapped. After all you will see it is written on top of the cartridge, “Intended for single use only” 

To save money and the planet. The best way to recycle is to re-use

This is a debate for another day, speak to Johan


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